Thursday, 20 June 2013

This old dog learns some new tricks

A weekly blog hop where writers share their inspirations. Please join us!

A weekly blog hop where writers share their inspirations. Please join us!

After playing around most of last week, destressing after my daughter's birthday parties and playing around with her new toys and crafts, this week was time to get back to work with frequent pauses to admire my daughter's new nail polish. Yes, these are MY toes. The jellybean colours were just too tempting!

I’ve gone back to a different WIP this week-- the practice
screenplay that I started for a course last fall.  So I get to play
around with Final Draft, the new-to-me screenplay writing
software recommended by my teacher.

Oh, my.  I’d forgotten just how much I love, love, love exploring new software!  I’ve spent so much time on Word and Firefox over the past decade that I know most of their capabilities and there are no surprises left.  I used to learn new software all the time when I worked outside of the home (ie. prechildren!).  Our office was always upgrading.  It was a challenge I loved, getting proficient as quickly as possible.

By the time I finished the screenplay writing course I realized I liked creating stories in a visual medium, so I indulged and bought Final Draft 8 to make the process easier.  

So not only am I now high on the endorphin rush of a new storyline percolating up in my mind, new characters vying for screentime, I also get the fun of playing around and seeing what this software can do.  

Yes, I'm totally geeking out, reading the manual and wandering through the menus. The writing life doesn’t get much better than this!

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  1. Software scares me. I've been using it for the last 20+ years but computers continue to scare me.

    1. Computers don't scare me but some crafts do! You try crafts (like the frozen coloured balloons!) that I'd never attempt! :D

  2. There's something about new software... like new stationery. So much possibility! Good luck with it :)

  3. It's okay, you're a geek among geeks! I'm not much of a computer/software person per se, but I'm the same way whenever I get a new Moleskin notebook. That's still geeky, right? I even number the pages...

  4. I find new software exciting too. I finally bought Scrivener last month and it totally reinvigorated my plotting style. Thanks for joining us!