Wednesday, 8 March 2017

John W. Campbell Award

So this is kind of cool, I'm eligible for a John W. Campbell Award this year. This is given to the best new science fiction or fantasy writer whose first work of science fiction or fantasy was published in a professional publication in the previous two years.

I don't actually expect anything, my name is on this list with a bunch of people whose work is much more well known than mine but it's nice to be included.

Good luck to my friends Charlotte Ashley, Kelly Robson and Nemma Wollenfang who are on the 2 year list and to everyone else, congrats on going professional!

The short story appears here:


  1. Good luck! I hope you win!

  2. I haven't been nominated and don't expect I will, nominations are usually for stories in more widely known publications. But it's nice to be considered a professional.

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