Sunday, 2 February 2014

Excuses... excuses!!!

I started my blog with such good intentions. I treated it like a kind of New Year's resolution, planning to work on it daily. Well, weekly at the least. Okay, monthly, yes, I can do monthly.  Maybe bi-monthly would work better? Quarterly? Yearly?

I have figured out that if I don't have an actual deadline, I just don't get around to it! Everything jumps the blog in my to-do-queue.

Especially knitting.

So today I will show you all the stuff I've made since I taught my daughter to knit this summer. Yes, I might have gotten slightly carried away.  Most of my family got a scarf this year. A small sampling of the nicest ones:
 The scarf that started it all!
My first infinity scarf & matching hat, made for my niece, modeled by my daughter.

My only foray into sports-themed apparel!
Another infinity scarf with matching hat
This is my favourite infinity scarf, I almost kept it for myself!
Hogwarts finery for my kids (Gryffindor & Ravenclaw)
Learning how to knit cables, it turned into a gorgeous scarf!
An experiment that may never get finished. Most of my earlier
scarves took 1 to 3 days. THIS is 3 days worth of my invented pattern!
It's the most labour-intensive thing I've ever done.

Now I've graduated to creating sweaters.  But considering the debacle that my first sweater was, it would take a blog of its own. So I'll leave something for next time. See you next week. 
Or maybe next month. ;)


  1. welcome back and great knitting projects!

  2. Love the Hogwarts scarves! And the Canadiens! :)

    1. Thanks! I wear my own Gryffindor scarf every day. A number of adults remark on it! :D